PIKE Alumni

The PIKE experience is meant to last long beyond our time in college.  The brothers of our Chapter extend our fraternal bonds to all of our alumni in sustaining lifelong friendships and establishing new ones.  It is our pleasure to keep in touch with our alumni through regular communications, as well as semesterly and annual events.

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Puglia's Dinner
Following our Chapter's longstanding semesterly tradition of venturing into Little Italy for food, drinks, and general revelry, brothers and alumni gather each semester at Puglia Restaurant with prospective brothers to celebrate the legacy of our Chapter.

Founders' Day
Alumni and brothers meet annually at PHD Terrace at Dream Hotel to celebrate March 1, 1868 over an open bar, hors d'oeuvres, and a medley of conversations.

Chapter Tournament
Alumni are invited to compete with brothers at our Chapter's sacred sporting event for a chance to claim the semesterly title.

Each year, our Chapter welcomes alumni to join brothers in tailgating Columbia's Homecoming football game.

Alumni Career Dinners
Our monthly alumni career dinners allow alumni to discuss their respective careers, as well as share their personal PIKE experiences, with the current brothers of the Chapter.


The Alumni and Executive Boards of the Chapter regularly communicate with alumni through email updates and newsletters.  To join our newsletter and to receive updates about the events listed above, contact Chapter Advisor Matthew Wang at mattwang97@gmail.com.